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Willy Lindwer and Frank Moll (cameraman)
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Documentary filmmaker and television producer Willy Lindwer has been a director and producer since graduating from the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam in 1971. For many years he was on the program staff of several Dutch broadcasters. He founded his company AVA Productions in 1985. Currently he heads two TV-companies, AVA Productions in The Netherlands and Terra Film Productions in Jerusalem, Israel. These companies are dedicated to the development and production of international documentaries and co-productions for television, made-for-TV and theatrical movies and TV mini-series.

Willy Lindwer's films and series are distributed world wide.

Willy Lindwer was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1946. His parents fled Poland and Ukraine in the 1930's and settled in Amsterdam. They were among the 10% of Jews in Holland who survived the Holocaust.

Willy Lindwer currently lives both in Amsterdam and Jerusalem, is married and has two children.

Driven by a passion for oral history and his interest in exploring human hardships, he has traveled extensively around the globe, producing highly acclaimed documentary series about Europe, Africa and the Far East.

Willy Lindwer also produced major international series on art, history and social themes. The 6 part series, " Imagination Captivated by Reality", covering five centuries of Dutch art, was broadcast around the world. The series, " Past and Present Preserved", about 13 Dutch museums, was shown in more than twenty-five countries, including Japan, England, France, Germany and the US. In addition, his company AVA Productions has developed popular series about social structures and the justice system. But above all, Willy Lindwer has won international acclaim for his many impressive documentaries on the Holocaust and Israel.

Willy Lindwer's production companies AVA Productions and Terra Film Productions, are working on a variety of new projects and are seeking co-producers for a number of projects currently in development and production. The companies are also interested in participating in new projects by other producers and directors.

Many of Willy Lindwer's films have been co-produced with leading international broadcast stations in the world and with international television and film production companies.

The companies have their own production facilities including AVID editing suites and field camera units as well as multi-lingual technical and production staff.

Recently the companies produced a series of films on the Middle-East, including:
Life by the Sword, Magical Israel, Mr. Israel: Shimon Peres, The Temple Mount is Mine, Jerusalem - Between Heaven and Earth, The Return, D'vekut - Hasidism and Jewish Mysticism, Teddy Kollek: Between Vienna and Jerusalem and Miracle of Faith - 2000 Years Christianity in The Holy Land.

Willy Lindwer has covered a wide range of topics with his films about the Holocaust, such as:
Anne Frank, The Destruction of Dutch Jewry, The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, The Wannsee Conference, The Jewish Council of Amsterdam, Nazi-transit camp Westerbork, Hidden Children, The last Jewish Wedding in Amsterdam.

Willy Lindwer has interviewed world-famous personalities like:
Henry Kissinger, Shimon Peres, Yasser Arafat, Leah Rabin, Simon Wiesenthal, President Gerald Ford, President George H.W. Bush, Ehud Barak, Teddy Kollek, Jan Karski, Gerhard Riegner, Marek Edelmann, and many others.

Willy Lindwer: filmmaker, photographer, author and collector.
Besides his passion for filmmaking, Willy Lindwer is also an active author and a passionate photographer. He handles still photography for his own documentaries. He has published 4 books and 2 photo books. A new photo book was published in 2006. Some of the books are based on his documentary films, such as: The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank, Westerbork - Camp of Hope and Despair, The Fatal Dilemma, Classic Jewish Postcards and Synagogues in The Netherlands.

Willy Lindwer has also another passion: he is an avid collector. For over 30 years he has built his library 'The Bibliotheca Judaica et Surinamica' and a collection of Jewish art and Jewish ceremonial objects from around the world and a collection of artworks from Surinam (former Dutch Guyana) in South America, the birthplace of his wife Hanna.

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